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We love our customers!

“We have had a really terrific experience with Cleaning Brooklyn. In addition to doing a great job cleaning, Donna’s team is reliable, friendly, efficient, flexible, and all around really nice. We have two tiny kids, a dog, and a crazy work schedule, and they have always been able to adjust to whoever might be in the house, laughing as our dog attempts to eat the vacuum or our toddler decides that he will only finish breakfast if C sits down next to him to keep him company for a few minutes. Great ladies, great company.”

– Emily G., Prospect Heights


“Wonderful cleaning service. Pleasant and capable staff. They did a very thorough job. It felt as though I came home to a new and refreshed home. What a gift– to have someone care for and clean my place, when I just don’t have time to do such a great job.”

– Kate J., Brooklyn Heights


“Donna and her entire hardworking team at Cleaning Brooklyn are a big asset to me and my family. They do a great job. What I love about them is that more than one person will be at work at the same time (the number of people will depend on your big your home is, I guess), which means they are in and out of there a lot faster than if it were just 1 person working. I really like that because I am home a lot. But mostly what makes them great is they do a wonderful job. Cleaning Brooklyn has been cleaning my house for 4 hours and I’m very happy with the service they provide.”

– Rory B., Park Slope


“Donna, Donna, Donna! I’ve been working with Donna since 2009 and I adore her and her team. She’s prompt, funny, sweet, ethical, runs a fantastic business, and is an all-around wonderful person. I found Donna though a referral and since she’s started working with me several other people in my complex have hired her as well – and we all love her! She’s a wonderful resource for other Brooklyn professionals as well and everyone she’s recommended has been a dream.
I highly recommend her – if there were more than five stars I’d give them.”

– Susan S., Windsor Terrace


“Donna is a delight to work with. She gets in and gets the job done. My place had me as a cleaner for years and when Donna came to do the job I realized just how bad I had been. She cleaned behind radiators, under everything and the bathroom walls were beautiful. I provided my own cleaning products which I found out later saves you $20 and you get to pick the ones you want to use on your home, and the team turned up and just deep cleaned my place.
I can never match up to this service so Donna and her team will be coming here as often as I can afford. And she is very affordable.”

– Joanna T., Park Slope


“I’ve been using Cleaning Brooklyn for the past six months. As a new Mother, it’s helped me so tremendously. They come twice a month and do all the deep cleaning I just cannot deal with now that I have a baby. Now I get to focus on the stuff that matters. The cleaners are on time, professional, and the price is reasonable. I’ve tried another company and have stuck with Cleaning Brooklyn over ten months. Give them a shot if you are in Brooklyn.”

– Kate H., Ditmas Park


“We hired Cleaning Brooklyn for a “Deep Clean” just prior to our open house and they did a phenomenal job. Donna sent 2 of her best who scrubbed from top to bottom for a whopping 6 hours. I asked a group of 250+ moms in Park Slope who to hire for this and not a single one had a company they wanted to recommend which just goes to show how hard it is to find a company like Donna’s who truly take the time required to do a job right. I would recommend them over and over to anyone who needs a regular clean or a really good seasonal job!”

– Tracy E., Park Slope


“I took a liking to Donna the very moment I met her. She’s a local mom who juggles as much as the rest of us. As a result, she completely understands when there are scheduling complications, special requests or personal quirks, and is responsive when they are raised. She has also done me favors that are far above and beyond (like having my vacuum repaired). Her crew are very friendly, trustworthy and, best of all for me, fast. I openly admit that I’ve hired and fired many, many housekeepers in the past. I plan on keeping Cleaning Brooklyn’s services, however, for a long, long time.”

– Ivy R., Park Slope